The Facts About Dream TV Premium

Our main goal of Dream TV  and formally 4KTV app has always been a simple one – keep our main focus on top of line USA + Sports content while including a ton of different source backups.  Our secondary focus is the UK/CA + International Sports.  Dream TV is and always will remain 100% invested into a live TV/sports server set up.

We don’t offer the extra stuff that the others throw in to try to appeal to every person out there. We focus on what we ourselves watch and can maintain at the highest levels. We are very proud of what we have accomplished, and look forward to providing the best IPTV service that we can possibly provide our subscribers. 

At Dream TV premium we run a lot of the highest quality and unique direct source feeds available,  most of the backups are running on separate location servers then the main feeds to help minimize potential routing issues. The result is a very stable and reliable streaming service you can depend on.

We try and keep the Dream TV Premium channel  layout as clean, and as fully EPG’d, and as search scroll friendly as possible for our customers.  

1500+ Total Channels ( most sports obviously on hold for now, but those sources will all be there when they resume):

– All Major PPV

– 160+ USA entertainment channels, most FHD and including a FHD/HD backup on almost all of them.

– 65+ USA SD channels

– 100+ USA combined with UK movie channels and including a backup on every one (1 set of UK is FHD)

– Full NHL/NBA/MLB/NFL packages all in 60fps and with home/away feeds for NBA/MLB (only keep these in while the sport is in season. Meaning you won’t see an NFL section right now for example)

– ESPN+/Fox Sports channels in 60fps

– 140+ USA/CA sports channels including the backups on most

– 170+ USA local channels (usually added on paid sub request as I only add what people are going to need or watch as opposed to keeping some giant list just for the sake of having one. If it exists in IPTV I’ll typically have it though)

– 160+ International Sports channels with a backup on the higher demand stuff. Lots of FHD. Includes latino sports channels and sport specific package channels covering rugby, football, and cricket

– **RECENTLY REVAMPED** 70+ Premium quality FHD UK entertainment channels. Additional HD backups included on 30 or so channels

– **RECENTLY REVAMPED** 90+ CA and French CA channels

– 140+ 24/7 channels (I’ve been adding more lately, so this # tends to constantly fluctuate)

– 20+ Music Choice

– 75+ Porn channel (optional and most in HD)

No IP locks and m3u is available. Resellers will find, Extremely competitively priced reseller packages available with a 100 credit minimum purchase. Although to note these are only sold through direct contact sales, and only on a selective basis as I don’t want just anybody selling my stuff. Our goal  is always to keep things here on a extremely financially stable level with an always constant eye on the long term. No unlimited reseller panels with the default ability to oversell the servers. And we are and always will be a good as your internet and device will allow us to be.